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Using Snorlax and Blissey Against Legendary Pokemon is a Big Mistake

Trainers, until now we should know that the team with best Pokemon will make an easy win against a Legendary. Yes, we can all play, we can all have fun, but the main goal is to defeat and catch the Legendary Pokemon.

Many Trainers were thinking that the best way to beat a Legendary Pokemon is to have 15 Trainers, using potions and everything in the inventory, but that’s not the best idea. Also, using a high HP defenders such as Snorlax and Blissey is a big mistake.

First of all, you are entering a Battle Raid. Your goal and every other Trainer’s goal is to deal as much as damage as you can and beat the Legendary Boss. There is a limited time to beat the Legendary and the Trainers who deal the highest damage are the ones who are granted with extra Pokeballs which can be used to catch the Legendary Pokemon after defeating it.

snorlax blissey legendary pokemon

So, why using a “tank” Pokemon such as Snorlax and Blissey, when at the end you don’t get anything and you’re useless for that specific Raid?

At the end, those are not the only Pokemon you have. Trainers should now own a lot of Water Type and Rock Type from the latest events.

At this moment, Zapdos is the “newest” Legendary Pokemon that is spawning in Gyms across the world. Previously, we had Lugia, Articuno and Moltres, and we are expecting to see more Legendary Pokemon spawning right after Zapdos. Lugia and Articuno were on “medium” difficulty”, while Moltres was way too easy to defeat. We expected to see Zapdos as one of the hardest Legendary to beat, but he was already defeated by 3 Japanese Trainers.

It has been few days since the release of the fourth Legendary Pokemon, Zapdos and the bird is already “electrocuted” by 3 Trainers.



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