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This year’s Dota 2 TI 7 Cosplay Was Just… Meh…

As every year, this year as well, Valve has hosted a Cosplay event at TI 7. However, it seems like the contestants did not want to bother themselves that much, even if it’s the biggest Dota 2 event throughout a year.

If we compare it to other events, the costumes weren’t that impressive as at the Manilla Masters. Those guys have put all their work on their costumes, while at TI 7, all of the contestants have spared their work onto something else, probably.

This year’s Cosplay winner at TI 7 was wearing a Clockwerk costume, even though the Clockwerk¬†costume at the Manilla Masters was better by far. However, congratulations to all of the contestants. They have managed to give their best… or not. It also felt like it’s kinda Rigged, but we’re not planning to speak anything about it.

Below you can see the three winners of this year’s TI 7 cosplay event. If you ask me, Death Prophet was better than TA and Axe together. But, however…

And below you can find the video of the Manilla Masters cosplay event:

Now, you can make play the Judge role on your own.



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