84-Year-Old Lvl 34 Pokemon Go Veteran is a Master in Catching ’em All

Everything started on Christmas when the 84-year-old grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of one, got her iPhone 7+ as a gift from her grandson.

Mdm Tan Nai Keow is an 84-year-old Pokemon Go player, who lives in Singapore. She has started playing PoGo earlier this year, and she is on Lvl 34 at the moment, with 370 Pokemon – 237 types captured so far.

She plays every day and spends an average of 2 hours daily on the app. Mdm Tan loves to play Pokemon Go and to stay active and fit while catching ’em all.

In an interview with TODAY, the 84-year-old Pokemon Go Master has shared her love towards the game saying, “The more I learned about the game, the more my interest grew. For one to two hours, I wasn’t feeling lonely and was playing the game intently. There was a performance on the beach and I didn’t even watch it! I need to catch a lot of Pokémon for points (to reach the next level).”

“I also battle out at Pokémon GO Gyms with red birds, white birds, and blue birds. I have caught all sort of birds… If there are cats, I will catch; if there are dogs, I will also catch. There’s a lot (I find cute) though I don’t know how to pronounce most of their names because they are in English.”

“There’s one called Blissey, a fat female character that has a longer lifespan and is good at attacks. There’s “Ah Pui” (fat in Mandarin) (Snorlax)… There’s (a new version of) Pikachu that is male and wears a cap. I only know how to catch, I don’t know how to call their names. They are too confusing and long,” she laughed.

At this moment, Mdm Tan is Lvl 34, but she is aiming to raid more, earn more XP and reach Lvl 35.

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