Arma 3’s Laws of War DLC is Coming Out Tomorrow, September 7

Bohemia Interactive has announced their 1.76 release together with the Laws of War DLC, previously known as the Orange DLC. As you know, despite the sale DLC content, there will be free content that should come for free. After the Laws of War DLC reveal, the release date was unknown, and today we have the exact release date announced by Bohemia Interactive. September 7th. There’s one day left before the update occurs, so let’s see what exactly this update is going to include.

Arma 3 Laws of War DLC

The non-governmental organization, which is a new faction coming to Arma 3, IDAP will also bring new clothing and outfits to the game for some specialized roles. IDAP is going to have an impact on missions, letting the developers create inspiring scenarios. There’s going to be many varieties of creating new tasks, which I am pretty sure are going to add more types of how the game is going to play out. It’s a sandbox, so the missions you create after the Laws of War DLC might have an enormous impact on the whole community.

Not to forget the Artistic people and their Aesthetic needs. There will be new items so you can create your beautiful, ideal and fancy looking camps. I cannot wait to see what the Exile Mod team is going to include after the release of the Laws of War DLC.

Among the new gadgets coming with the DLC, the one that I favor the most is the UAV which is going to be your partner for demining operations. I guess the new UAV will have the power to counter the new APRS, which is a mine dispensing tool.

Let’s not forget that the 1.76 will also include a free platform update that will come for free for everyone that lacks the Laws of War DLC. It will include a new way of bombing which I am pretty sure a UAV will initialize it. This update should also bring an end to the mine detection issue which was quite a pain. It is considerably hard to detect a mine sometimes, so we’re honestly looking forward to experiencing the new detection system.

We all know how big of a game Arma 3 is, and how much greater it will even become. As much as Bohemia Interactive feels comfortable about releasing new DLC, expanding Arma 3’s content, that’s how much the fans are eager to hear an announcement of a new Arma 4. New engine, better optimization, more fps, and the best War Simulation ever.

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