Black Desert Online Fixes The Savage Rift Mode

Coming as an emergency patch, Pearl Abyss decides to fix the new Savage Rift mode by adjusting it correctly. Talking about a rough time-consuming Action Adventure RPG, black desert is still breaking records.

Adventurers should now be able to enter the Savage Rift from non-savage rift servers and will receive additional changes and fixes to the mode. Item purchases will no longer be available until the Savage Rift begins. Overall, the Savage Rift should finally bring the best co-op experience players could get.

While players are still experiencing Steam Achievements issues, Pearl Abyss stays quiet on their plans on fixing them. You can find the full patch notes below:

Item Changes

  • Fixed the issue where Savage Rift Items could be stored in Morco’s Gear Bag upon re-entering the Savage Rift.
  • Fixed the issue with the Pearl Shop pet Turtle’s marketplace price.

Mechanic Changes

You can now join the Savage Rift on servers 2, 4, 5, and 6 of each server group (except Olvia servers).

Fixed the issue where Adventurers could not enter the Savage Rift from non-Savage Rift servers.

Item purchase in the Savage Rift is no longer possible until Savage Rift actually begins.

When Adventurers re-enter the Savage Rift after leaving in the middle of the session, Points now will be reset to 0.

Point transfer in the Savage Rift will not be possible until after the 4th wave, the last wave where adventurers can join the Savage Rift.

Gaining unfair advantages through use of exploits may result in restrictions from game usage.

Interface Changes

Savage Rift Guide descriptions have been changed.

You can re-enter the Savage Rift room that you previously participated in if disconnected during the session.

However, all the Savage-Rift-related items must be removed from Equipment and Inventory in order to re-enter the room.

Resolved Issues


There is an issue with the re-entering participants having their points show up as 30 points when its 0 point in reality. This issue will be fixed at 9/13 maintenance.

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