Daily Quests, Eevee Stones and Avatar Customization in Pokemon Go Would Make the Game Even Better

We have been working on what is missing on PoGo, and we stated our thoughts on what we think is nice to see in the game.

Niantic should implement daily, weekly and monthly quests. There can be almost everything in the world of Pokemon. Maybe you have a quest of catching 30 Magikarps in one day. Or you should visit the same gym for a stated time and also get more rare items.

Nobody is happy seeing their high-level Eevee becoming a Flareon. It is clear that we should love all the Pokemon the same, but we know that this is just not possible. We suggest that Niantic should implement Eevee stones. I mean, who does not love to see a team full of Vaps. They shouldn’t be as rare as Sun Stone, but they should be in the game.

For last, Avatar Customization means a lot in a game and implementing this feature will make the game more fun to play. Who wouldn’t like to see customization accessories for their avatar and Pokemon as rewards for things like raids, gold gym badges, or gold medals? Having a chance of finding a pair of Squirtle sunglasses from a Blastoise raid would do more to motivate every Trainer out there, more than an entire bag full of Rare Candy or Golden Razz Berries.

We all know that PoGo’s spirit is to bond people, but besides raiding to keep a possible EX raid pass from coming, what else is there to do. The game is becoming less interesting to play, and there is nothing entertaining. The game needs more features for solo plays, and different things for team plays.

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