Excellent Curveballs Bug? You Can’t catch a Legendary? Don’t Stress Out, That’s How It Should Be!

There have been a lot of Trainers lately, saying that excellent curveballs don’t help a lot and reporting how there is a bug when making a perfect throw. The reason behind this is every time they make a perfect throw, the Pokemon breaks out and everyone is in “pain.”

Pokemon Go players have to understand that not every perfect throw will catch that specific Pokemon for them. That’s the point of Pokemon Go and the game is working as planned.

Throwing an excellent curveball with a Gold Medal and Golden Razzberry will definitely increase the chance of catching a Legendary. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the Pokemon will stay in the ball.

The Base CR for the Legendary Beasts is 2%. When throwing an excellent curveball with Gold Medal and Golden Razzberry, the chances to catch a Beast is increased by 15%. So, this is not 100% and it’s far from that percentage. This tells us that the chance to not catch the Pokemon is higher than the chance to catch it.

To make this even more interesting, a Redditor called danjua has given a perfect example. “Let’s assume you get 8 premier balls and throw perfectly each time. It may seem like you should be certain to catch the legendary, but the odds of you not catching the Pokemon will still be about 27%, or about the same as flipping two coins and both landing on heads. In other words, not too unusual at all.”

These mechanics have already been confirmed by the Pokemon Go Company, and yet everyone is losing their mind!

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  1. The problem is all the players think is “gimme gimme gimme”. I’ve run into players on boards who said it wasn’t worth playing when the tracker didn’t work, I was explaining a game re-balance to a guy who was shouting “I put money into this, I should be able to keep a broken lapras”. I got banned from a board because someone was saying that niantic was handed a gem and mismanaged it and I told him that Niantic was handed content and had to build the entire game from little more than Ingress and it was a huge task. Another player complained that this game was just out to scam us for money and I looked at him and asked “you’re having fun, right?” Him: “Yeah” Me: “then why are you mad that you have to spend money on an ad free game to be more than casual? would you go into a movie theater expecting a free movie without trailers and get mad when they offer you food for money?”

    A big part of the problem is that many of these players don’t play other mmo’s so they don’t understand rebalancing, or exclusive items/pokes or events.

    I got banned from a community board for this game because someone was complaining and I told them “if you don’t enjoy it, you can stop playing.” Apparently, it’s more uninviting and unwelcoming to tell someone they can stop playing than it is to post a list of grievances that culminate with “niatic is shit and they’ve done a shit job.”

  2. At the moment I have caught all of mine with nice or great throws. I seem to have better luck that way and also with the new one that just came out I’m 3/4 using nice or great throws.

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