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Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is Now Officially For Free

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is finally out to everyone, for free. Epic Games has officially released the mode for free, including Squads as a variety in Battle Royale’s Matchmaking. Even after putting themselves in danger against PUBG’s copyright rules and argues they had the past days, Epic Games has found a way to release the game for free.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale offers quite a cartoonish and different parts, such as destructible objects which can be destroyed into materials gathered to build and defend a base in later barriers (circles). Including Building and Combat as a whole, the environment is just perfect and the pace of the game feels just right. As usual, knowing that Epic Games is the creator of UE4, which is the same engine PUBG is licensed to, it seems like there won’t be any issues regarding PUBG’s copyright at all.

Everyone can say that Fortnite is inspired by PUBG, but the tempo is a lot faster and offers a different type of gameplay.

Having it as a Free to Play title, Epic Games has claimed that the game won’t transfer into a Pay to Win title at all. Most of the games that come for free usually use this sort of tactic to earn revenue. Fortnite is a game that usually pulls the majority of juveniles, who usually enjoy multiple different mechanics included in one game.

So as a conclusion, Fornite Battle Royale is an incredible game mode to play and have fun, but knowing the game comes for free now, it will become hackers’ den. Pretty sure there will be a lots of cheaters in the game in a very short time, spoiling everyone’s fun and experience. Even though we’re speaking about a great game, it might turn into a failed project very soon. So, there will be no room for extra revenue even if the game turns into a pay to win.

Back to the subject, Fornite Battle Royale is now free and can be downloaded and played through Epic Games launcher. Just visit their official website and you’ll find the download button. We extremely suggest you download and try the game.



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