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H1Z1: King of the Kill Update Tunes Weapons, Shotguns are still OP

Talking about a game once been a real battle royale and now falls off behind PUBG, of course, it has been time to make some changes in King of the Kill. Usually, when you decide to implement a new combat system, you try to manage and do that successfully. Otherwise, you should not expect the game to be booming and gathering new players. Even if the game decides to call itself “a challenging fast pace battle royale” game, it seems like that is just not right.

H1Z1 King of the Kill has successfully implemented the new ADS feature. Players now can toggle and Aim Down Sites, which is the peculiarity a lot of fans asked about in the past. However, even if the ADS feature is here, AR’s just cannot deal against Shotguns in a close fight. The big problem behind this lays under one core game issue. Players have a lot of opportunities to seal the gap between them and their target, including the chance to jump out of a fast moving vehicle without taking any damage.

To be able to jump out of a vehicle while is moving with a blazing speed without taking no damage is incredibly annoying as players can just run their Shotguns and come at close range, which only denies the power of the AR. Frustrating indeed, as the game is slowly dying, developers are trying to find a way out of the crisis. These problems might bring a new update where players will take damage when leaving a fast moving vehicle.

However, Daybreak Game Company has decided to go for another seemingly useless update, a hotfix to the previous update which is going to tune some weapons and fix some bugs. Below you may find the full patch notes:

Weapon Tuning:

Increased the max cone of fire for the AR-15 starting with the third consecutive shot by approx. 60%. This will reduce the effectiveness of spamming with this weapon, particularly at longer ranges. We will continue to monitor feedback and make further adjustments if necessary.

Reduced the recoil of the Hellfire 4-6. It’s now a bit easier to handle so that it shines in close-quarters combat, as intended.

General Updates:

Updated detection for several known cheats. Anyone caught using them will be banned.

Procoagulant now applies a small heal, equivalent to half a bandage.

‘Use’ is now the first right-click option for all healing items.

If your inventory is full and you craft an item while in a vehicle, the item will go to the vehicle trunk (instead of dropping to the ground).

Bug Fixes:

Fixed trees rendering out earlier than players at long distances, allowing players to be shot despite the tree being in the way.

Fixed a bug that could cause your character to appear invisible in Fort Destiny. We’re still looking into this to identify and fix any other culprits.

Body bags will now play the intended footstep sound effect.

Procoagulant will now always correctly stop bleeding for players who have 1hp remaining.

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