Machamp Raids: How to Beat Machamp solo?

Machamp is a huge, humanoid Pokemon, bluish gray skin, red eyes, yellow lips and 4 arms. He uses his arms to punch opponents really fast and it has been said that he can throw 500 punches in a second.

Machamp is part of the Fighting Type and Tier 3 Raid Boss in Pokemon Go who uses Guts, No Guard and Steadfast abilities to make it even harder for his enemies. His base stats are as follows:

  • Max CP – 2889
  • Attack – 234
  • Defense – 162
  • Stamina – 180

As part of the Fighting Type Pokemon, Machamp is weak to Psychic, Flying and Fairy Pokemon.

It has been said that Machamp can only be defeated by 3 or more Trainers and all of them have to be higher Lvl (35+). Today, a guy called crmarczak has defeated Machamp solo. He is Lvl 34 and he used Lvl 30 Pokemon.

  • Alakazam 96% FS
  • Espeon 84% Psychic
  • Alakazam 86% FS
  • Espeon 80% Psychic
  • Dragonite 84% Outrage
  • Moltres 84% Overheat

Here is the catch. Rotate Alakazams and Espeons, because Alakazam can’t handle a Close Combat as Espeon.

Dodge and tank the rest!

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