Pokemon Go Equinox Event Details, Players Get 40 Stardust for Berry Feeding, ‘All is Dust’

The Equinox is now live in Pokemon Go, and many Trainers are sharing their experience with us. They say “all is dust,” and they are 100% right, and here is why.

Most of Pokemon Go players know until now what the latest Pokemon Go event is all about, but for those who are not familiar with the features, I will make it easier for you:

Starting today, September 22 at 1 PM PDT until October 2 at 1 PM PDT, players can earn:

  1. x2 Stardust
  2. x3 XP on new Pokedex entries
  3. Super Incubators that hatch 1.5X faster
  4. 2km eggs hatching Larvitar, Mareep and Chancy
  5. Special packages in the shop

The above-mentioned is already mind-blowing, but wait until you see what’s new:

  1. Reward x2 Stardust, including evolved forms
  2. 40 Stardust for Berry feeding
  3. Boxes calculations – Special Box: 480 / 3 = 160 coins/incubator, Great Box: 980 / 5 = 196 coins/incubator, Ultra Box: 1480 / 8 = 185 coins/incubator
  4. The Super Incubator has three uses
  5. New spawn points are being reported, even more Pokemon to catch

Sounds great, right? Especially the 40 Stardust for Berry feeding part. It’s time to feed all the Pokemon in the Gym!

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