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PUBG’s Mini-14 Is a Pure Laser Gun, A Reason to Stop Using the M16A4

Having this kind of structured title closes the dilemma on whether the new Gun in PUBG, the Mini-14 is good or not. It’s a real laser gun we’re talking about, as the recoil is quite comfortable and falls under your character’s structure. You can quickly “spray” with it. Now that we know its firing rate is more than fair, we can “disclaim” the fact that is a semi-auto rifle. As we’ve had said it before, its firing rate is similar to the M16A4. The only difference is the mag capacity because and the Mini-14 is a Sniper Rifle and uses Sniper Rifle attachments.


The low recoil of a 5.56 caliber weapon was expected, but not for a Sniper Rifle. It’s amazingly precise, and the bullet velocity is better than decent. Comparing it to the 5.56 M16A4 feels a lot better, including the recoil. The moment the bullet fires, it seems like it passes 300-400 meters before it loses its straight trajectory and starts to fall. That makes the Mini-14 a more efficient weapon than the M16A4, combining the higher damage output.

I know that lots of you won’t agree with this comparison, but if you have the chance to choose between these two weapons I am pretty sure it will be the Mini-14. It lacks the rarely used Burst Fire the M16A4 has, but it is a better gun. What I would love to further investigate is the loot tables and the chance to loot the Mini-14 against the M16A4. The Sniper Rifle Extended Magazine attachment has a lower spawn rate than the Assault Rifles’ one, which is more than needed on the Mini-14.

Considering the cartridge attachment as the most important on the Mini-14 together with the spawn rate of the AR’s one, it is the only disadvantage between these two weapons. I would love to see your opinion on this comparison in the comments down below. What do you think, which one is better, the Mini-14 or the M16A4?



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