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Raid: World War II, CO-OP Shooter, is Released on Steam

Starbreeze and Lion Game Lion has released their long known and awaited co-op shooter on the Steam Market. Raid: World War II is a 4 player CO-OP shooter, offering lots of distinctive features. If you’re into co-op games and you have friends to spend some time on gaming together, this might be your next favorite co-op game.

The game takes inspiration from Overkill’s Payday series. As a gameplay, players will be able to choose one of four special classes: Assault, Recon, Insurgent or Demolition, and they will be able to play different game modes. All of those four POW’s are freed by a British intelligence, and they tend to stay together and take out Hitler’s Nazi Regime.

Developers and publishers find that the past full of Nazi’s history brings more fun to games, so we have another game set in that time. Little do they know, there are players who wouldn’t feel comfortable playing this kind of games. However, it’s a co-op game including a Class-Based gameplay, which is making this game differ from others.

Raid: World War II costs $35.99 on Steam.



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