Should you get Destiny 2 on Console or PC and When It Goes Live?

The long awaited shooter, Destiny 2, comes out this week as we all know, but some will get it earlier, some later. It’s a very known deal that happens lately between PS4 and developing companies. However, let’s put that aside and think a bit about whether we should get it on PS4 or Xbox One, or in last case scenario on PC.

Destiny 2

First of all what kind of type of a player you are? Would you prefer to use your favorite gamepads and analog sticks or you’re simply what I love to call a hardcore aimer. Having my PC as my primary gaming platform, I always prefer to buy video games on PC than any other platform. But Destiny 2 will come out first on PS4 and Xbox one. Even if Destiny was a console shooter at first place, the recent PC Beta was a quite reasonable event players to go with the PC version. Why? Well, the answer is simple. It’s more common to play any shooter on your PC and feel quite comfortable at aiming precisely. At least that’s why I’ll get Destiny 2 on PC than any other platform.

PC Advantage over Consoles

Most of the “worries” come exactly from one single question. Will the Console players have a higher benefit than the PC players, knowing that the game comes earlier on consoles? An empty minded question that does not have any impact on your decision. You’ll see why below.

But what it hurts the most is the fact that Destiny 2 comes out earlier on PS4 and Xbox One.

That’s a reason you shouldn’t be scared off. Destiny 2 does not support cross-platform, which means PC players won’t have a chance to fight the PS4 and Xbox players. So, the early advantage doesn’t even matter.

Well, we’ve been speaking about the aim, but we jumped the graphics part. Destiny 2’s PC Beta was simply amazing but the lack of content kind of killed us all, and that’s the only reason we cannot wait for the official release. What I want to talk about more is the possibility of playing Destiny 2 at 4k with an uncapped framerate. Would you be able to experience the same on your favorite Console? Nope, not that I am aware. The console framerate cap is at 30 FPS, and that’s a simple NO for me.

Those two reasons are more than enough for you to make the right decision. Maybe you’ll wait one and a half month to 24th of October before you get to play the game on PC, but it is worth waiting.

When is Destiny Coming out?

Destiny 2 releases on consoles on September 6, getting a midnight launch. Bungie has cleared suspicions by stating that the launch will happen at 00:01 for most of the nations. This reason makes some countries eligible to play earlier than others. Australians, Japanese, and some EU regions will have a chance to hop in Destiny 2 before the US gamers. They think of this as a big upset and find it very amusing.

It’s a staggered midnight release which is going to contribute to a better server performance, preventing everyone to jump on the servers at the same time.

However, reading the facts above, the best option for us is to wait for the PC release on October 24.

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