Stream Snipers are Those Who Bring The Fun to Twitch and PUBG

I mean, everyone is watching Twitch and their favorite streamers nowadays. However, there’s always some strange but cute interference. Professional Twitch Streamers, streaming for life as a full-time job are always being haunted by the so known Stream Snipers. But if we look on the bright side of the circumstances, those stream snipers are doing nothing else but making the stream funnier and more exciting to watch. The most wanted and favorite Stream Snipers directory nowadays is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, as the game just booms every single digit.


PUBG has managed to break League of Legends highest concurrent viewer count. It’s not a coincidence why PUBG is THE Stream Snipers’ lair. One of my favorites is Shroud’s stream snipers. Shroud has named him Barry Allen (The Flash). Barry Allen is speed hacking around Shroud’s position without harming him, building his name amongst the most favorite ones. However, his appearance won’t last long as he’ll sooner or later get a Battle Eye ban.

Stream Honkers are also funny, beep-beep, falling asleep on the horn while they’re driving around the Streamer’s area. It’s just hilarious to see them come and go. We have boxers trying to knock out Shroud with their fists. We also have Bananaman landing on the top of the Pool’s roof calling for Shroud. Just hilarious.

Not to mention, we also witnessed a fist fight going on yesterday, hosted and set up by Shroud. His Stream Snipers, his rules, his everything. I mean, there must be some consequences if you want to consecutively join Shroud’s games and just stalk him every time. About the fight, the winner gets the chance to fight Shroud, check it out below.

The event reminds me of Mayweather vs. McGregor and having this kind of scenario in the most popular game nowadays is one of the reasons why it’s always fun to watch such an Entertaining streams. Shroud is also one of the best hosts ever, having the skill to approach in every awkward situation and turn it out into an event that would be interesting for his crowd.

Having Stream Snipers on your stream does grow not only your popularity but also your pocket. Grabbing the cream of the Subscriptions while the Sub-Train is honking towards success is what everyone would love to have. Therefore, if you’re a streamer, you might want to think twice before accusing any Stream Sniper you have. Even PlayerUnknown’s rules forbid Stream Sniping in PUBG those are the ones that bring the best fun to Twitch and PUBG nowadays.

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