Banette as a Counter in Raid Battles, Is It a Decent Raid Clearer?

Banette is listed in the top 15 counters, but on Pokebattler you can see it at #4, right behind Tyranitar, Mewtwo and Gengar. This caught my attention, so I’ve decided to use every info about this pure Ghost Type Pokemon, how good it can be as a counter and what is its best moveset, and make it easier for all Trainers.

Banette is a pure ghost, and it gives an edge over Gengar only through no weakness to ground or psychic moves. The Shadow Claw (Sc) and Shadow Ball (Sb) movesets are highly efficient moves. If you want to evolve a Gengar with these moves, these are some unfortunate news for you, because Gengar and Haunter have these only as a legacy moveset. Banette is the only real and smart option for the double ghost showdown.

  • Banette – 218/127/128
  • Gengar – 261/156/120
  • Haunter – 223/112/90

All the data we have on this post, is taken from Pokebattler, level 30 attackers.

Banette is at number 3 as a counter (Alakazam Raid), behind Mewtwo and Sc/Sb Gengar. Having in mind that you cannot find a legacy Gengar or Mewtwo, Banette is the best choice in a Raid against Alakazam, with Confusion/Focus Blast. When Alakazam has Psycho Cut, Banette will drop behind other counters, even behind Gengar.

But, Sc/Sb Banette is dealing more dps than xx/Sb Alakazam against an Alakazam raid.

Banette is disastrous than all xx/Sb versions of Gengar. It is ranked at number 4 overall by Pokebattler, behind Tyranitar, Mewtwo and Gengar. In a Raid against Mewtwo, with Psycho Cut/Hyper Beam, Banette is a better counter when compared to Scizor and Gyarados.

But, if you get a Confusion Mewtwo, do not think about selecting Banette.

In the other raids, Banette is in the top 15 counters. But it is still useful. You can catch Sc/Sb with a 218 atk Pokemon, so get super excited!

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