You can Play GTA 5 on 10K Resolution With Two GTX 1080 TI SLI & A Decent CPU

The game that everyone loves, GTA 5. After a couple of years passed, throughout these days we witness a lot of new mods. They are probably not going to stop at all, knowing that the GTA RP is one of the best mods out there. The most anticipated one too. While everyone is eager to barely play the game at low graphics settings and experience some of the newly created mods, DudeRandom84 is the mad scientist and also one of the first who has managed to enjoy GTA 5 at 10K Resolution by using GTX 1080 TI SLI.

Recognized by his amazing performance tests, this test stands out of the others he had done because it’s not just any game. Apparently, DudeRandom84 has proved that you can easily run GTA 5 on 10K resolution if you have the right hardware. This test makes him stand out among other hardware junkie youtubers. Throughout the video, the funniest part is that the FPS meter barely went below 60, and the lowest one was 49 FPS.

It doesn’t matter if GTA 5 is on Very High or Normal Settings just as he tried to switch between, it seems that he was more than able to deal with the cause. It’s more than an ordinary result, as rarely does a human perform any test of this caliber. Having great results and more than just a decent FPS, we have a really bright future to come. Just to clarify, fans are waiting for an uncapped GTA 5 Role Play player capacity first. After that is all about the cherry at the top of the cake.

You can watch the performance test video down below:

Angel Kicevski

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