Destiny 2 Gets an Official PC Launch Trailer

One week away from its official Launch, Destiny 2 received a new and official PC Launch Trailer. Activision and Bungie have both proven that Destiny 2 on PC will bring some new features, including the very promised improved performance. The released trailer includes some of the in-game footage, showcasing a bit of its gameplay and sleekness the game will offer. After the latest Beta trailer, it is time to see something new.

As promised before, Destiny 2 on PC will offer a greater spectrum of possibilities in terms of performance. Compared to the Console players, PC players will have a chance to experience the game at an uncapped frame rate, including the beloved and desired 4k resolution. The game will include an FOV slider as well, so players will configure their preferable field of view.

Knowing that Bungie and Activision have become partners with Blizzard, Blizzard will make sure the party creation and invitation, chat, etc is going to work just fine… for which we can conclude Blizzard is good at. We have been playing different Blizzard games, and we can easily come down to a conclusion that their game launcher is incredibly stable as well.

Destiny 2’s Official PC Launch is expected to offer the same performance as in the Open Beta. Back at the Beta, players were able to enjoy the smooth gameplay, including the uncapped frame rate, making it look like it’s the best-optimized game ever. Every in-game function should work fine while also a lot of people will probably be using the recent voice chat invention in their Launcher, for whom we have tried it and know that the sound quality is awesome.

Knowing the official minimum and recommended requirements published not long while ago, I think we’ll have good game offering a great content to its players. Destiny 2 will launch on October 24th, which is very soon.

Back to the main subject, Destiny 2’s official PC Launch Trailer can be found below:

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