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Dota 2: Dueling Fates Update 7.07 Adds 2 New Heroes, New In-Game Mechanics, Seasonal MMR and More

Valve has announced the big Dueling Fates update 7.07, posting all the patch notes. The most anticipated content is probably the two new Heroes, but wait! There will be more to come within this patch. For an instance, we should all keep an eye on the Seasonal MMR.

Dota 2 Dueling Fates Update 7.07

Back in the days, I was addicted to Dota 2. I couldn’t avoid a day without playing Dota 2. That wasn’t me. Since those days, I was firmly confident that if Valve decided to change their ranking system by making it seasonal, the game will become much more anticipated. There it is. Valve has finally decided to change all the things for which I have considered to be a good change a long time ago.

However, there’s something buzzing me big time. After the talents update 7.00, Dota 2 starts to look more like Heroes of the Storm. At least in terms of in-game mechanics and ranking system. After the talents update, we’re now getting a new Turbo mode and Seasonal Ranked matchmaking. Tell me that doesn’t look like Heroes of the Storm. Tell me the new Dota 2 ping feature doesn’t look like it as well. What can I say… I am doomed by Dota 2 and I admit that is my most favorite MOBA Game among others.

Let’s get back to the subject, for now.

2 New Heroes

Pangolier and Dark Willow are on the verge of release. After this night, players will have a lot of fun to play with the new and probably next most favorite heroes. At least for some time after their release. At first look, Pangolier seems to be extremely fun to play with. He’s considered for a mobile hero owning a couple of amazing abilities and talents. As always, the new heroes are kind of broken in the beginning. After a couple of time, it seems like Valve always nerfs them down.

On the other side, we have Dark Willow. Considered as a Support, the hero owns such an amazing abilities. It looks like a true support, owning the needed abilities to disable heroes with such an ease. Being able to root, stun, and fear opponents with its ult, it feels like players will have no fun when playing against this little fellow.

Ranked Seasons

This is the only change I’d love to talk about. Ranked Seasons was needed a long time ago. This feature will be the main reason for players to come back to Dota 2. Those who shall recall their competitiveness are those who will come back to Dota 2, for sure. Having a Seasonal Matchmaking with a time limit of 6 months before a reset occurs will surely bring some of the old Dota 2 players back in the game. Not to mention those who are getting mad. Everyone would love to try and recalibrate their matchmaking rank.

At the end of a season, players will receive a medal for their profile based on the peak skill. There will be seven different medals, which means seven different skill tiers. Current and previous medals will be displayed to all the players before each match. It is really important that players will recalibrate their MMR. The first season will come at a later stage, so everyone will have their time to prepare for the action.

Despite Ranked Seasons in patch 7.07, there’s an improved Guide System and also a new game mode.

Turbo Mode, Ping Wheel Upgrade

It’s good to encounter this kind of game mode in Dota 2. Instead of waiting or doing an arcade game, you can now queue up for a turbo mode. Turbo mode is basically an ALL PICK, but a lot faster. Heroes will receive more Gold and XP while they’ll be also able to buy items while anywhere on the map. It will be a true collateral disaster. However, it will be fun.

We have mentioned the new Ping Wheel upgrade above. Nothing else to say except good, but reminds us on other game.

Ancient Apparition is being remodeled and it should look a lot cooler! I mean… you know what I mean :). That being said, we’re more than ready for the next Dota 2’s update 7.07.

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