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Friday the 13th Will Receive New Content Over The Next Weekend, For Free

After so many failures, IllFonic and Gun Media have probably found a way of satisfying their players by adding new content for free. Over the next weekend, Friday the 13th: The Game, will receive a brand new Jason Model, which overall is going to be the fourth Jason that joins the game.

The new Jason Vorhees will have equipped a Pig Splitter, and will come together with three new weapon kills that are quite disgusting for human eyes.Apart of Jason, there will be also new counselor that is going to accompany Jason, Mitch Floyd, for who according to his look, seems to be quite a chill guy.

Not to forget the new map that is going to come in the game, Camp Crystal Lake for which it seems like it will be the biggest update done ever. Alongside the new map, there will be a new weather system which is going to be available on all the map, appearing randomly. According to IllFonic, there will be a lot of rain and thunderstorms.

Apart from the free content and roster additions, IllFonic has decided to bring a new celebration pack which is going to cost money. As a celebration to this update, IllFonic has announced that the weekend will include double XP from 13 to 15.

Below you can preview the first Pack of Emotes which cost 1.99$.

Furthermore, what everyone wants to hear is the general balance of the game. IllFonic has also confirmed that the game will receive its tweaks in terms of balancing, so players will have a fairer gameplay. Well, after so many failures since the Official Launch it is time players to finally enjoy their game, whatever they’ve payed for.



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