Lugia can Solo Machamp using Dodge Specials Pro with Perfect Dodging Setting

I have tried all kinds of solos, but the hardest one, in my opinion is 1v1. It requires perfect dodging on the charge moves, and at the same time, you have to maintain your DPS to surpass the clock. A Trainer, who goes by the name of FuNKyShO, has defeated Machamp with a help of “gatorade,” and you can check out his video below.

UPDATE: Some more Lugia 1v1 attempts against Machamp boss, now with the new 0.77.1 update (second video below).

FuNKyShO has also shared his thoughts and details on how and what other Trainers need in order to beat Machamp solo, and I hope that PoGo community will find this guide very helpful.

Level 39 Lugia is the best, and the higher the IV, the better. The one he owns is ADS 15/13/13, which has the same performance as a Lugia against Machamp.

The recommended moves for Lugia are Extrasensory/Sky Attack. The futuresight can be possible, but the pokebattler sims show that it does not function without fainting. Because of this occurring situation, he prefers SA, with less energy.

The moves for Machamp are definitely the Counter/Close Combat. Lugia has the double resistance on these types of moves. If Machamp has Bullet Punch or Heavy Slam, it is kind of possible, but it is a much tougher job to beat Lugia.

Primarily, you need to beat the lag. In order to do this, set your internet connection to 4G. The ones that have old android phones, have the problem constantly, which is during every battle, they need to close the app and restart again. The players who have the latest androids or iPhones, definitely have the better experience in the game.

The Extrasensory is a 1.1 second move. The Close Combat dodge goes from 1 to 1.7 seconds. Because of this time window, you need to control tap on the quick moves. Regarding the “Move text,” with the constant lag and the “Super Effective” message, it is better to watch the Machamp’s charged attack motion.

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