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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

Ninjas In Pyjamas Forms a PUBG Team

One of the best-known organization in Esports, Ninjas In Pyjamas, has recently signed players and formed a team which is going to compete in one of the most popular multiplayer game nowadays. NiP will compete in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds future tournaments.

NiP as an organization had collapsed in its CS 1.6 Era, the same game where the team achieved lots of wins and titles. After their collapse, they have managed to find a way back to the main scene, coming back stronger after forming a CS: GO, team. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was one of the reasons the organization has managed to find a way to a more stable balance. Stable balance means stable future, and that’s why we’re writing this article today.

NiP has announced this news on their official Twitter profile, confirming the following players’ list: Ekkz, CrunchBruh, Sweaterr,  and Borg. They are the big three joining Ninjas In Pijamas, even if they’re noticing a bit of falloff when it comes to the overall and global rankings.

Someone might say that they are going to be the best team join the game. PUBG tournaments should hold big prize pools. All they need is a little bit of investment like Dota 2 has, or a compendium system so players can contribute towards the final prize pool. It’s simple.



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