Onrush, Arcade Racing Game Developed by Codemasters is Coming to PC

The masterminds behind racing games, Codemasters, yet to return with new arcade racing game, called Onrush. Codemasters’ new racing game, Onrush has appeared on Paris Games Week, therefore recalling fans’ past. Having the smelly and well known glimpse of the past is always welcome.

However, all of the above hasn’t got any reason to be compared to, because the game will get a launch on PC as well. As the press say, Codemasters’ community Manager has slipped that the Onrush is scheduled to make an appearance on PC platform as well as PS4 and Xbox One. It definitely seems that fans are considering to try this game on PC as well, as they’re eager to find out of the game will be available or not for the PC platform.

ONRUSH is a pure arcade racing game, best suited to consoles, and the studio is experienced in making racing games for console. PC will absolutely follow at a later date, but we really wanted to focus on making the best possible experience on console first.

By knowing the two main platforms are Xbox and PS4, Onrush will first be delayed on console rather than PC. As expected, the game will make an appearance on the PC at a later stage. I feel kind of overwhelming knowing that I should welcome another Codemasters’ game. I’ve been playing quite of them before, and I still would love to enjoy an arcade racing game, especially developed by Codemasters.

Below you can find the official announcement trailer, published by ONRUSH.

Angel Kicevski

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