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Overwatch Keeps On Shining, Has Gathered 35 Million Players

Blizzard has announced that their most famous first-person shooter, Overwatch, has achieved a number of 35 million players. The community of this hero first-person shooter game has grown by 5 million. Back in April, Overwatch was holding 30 million players. After Overwatch’s official release in May 2016, according to our calculations, that’s about a year and a half of hard work to get to this milestone.

Judging from what we have seen until now, it seems like Overwatch will continue growing together with its community. Blizzard has announced this on their official Twitter profile. You can find the tweet below.

Since its beta phase, it is an amazing achievement to get to a number high as 35 million, which just confirms Overwatch’s amazing growth. Overall, it’s one the most successful First Person Shooters out there. Now when the seasonal “Halloween Terror” event is launched, players will probably get even more attracted. The Halloween event offers a lot of new cosmetic items and legendary skins just like Van Helsing, Dragon Symmetra, Cultist Zenyatta and more.

There’s nothing else to talk about. Overwatch has achieved the 35 million players and there’s nothing else to say except congratulations. Blizzard is a really successful developer, and we’re curious to see them doing their magic with Destiny 2 on PC.



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