Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Gets Closer to 2 Million Concurrent Players

It’s not a miracle that the game is still booming. Bluehole has done an exceptional job at holding and keeping the pleasant feeling among Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds community. We all remember the day when PUBG surpassed Dota 2’s highest concurrent player peak record. But now, we’re probably going to witness the unseen and miraculous 2 million of concurrent players.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

What I am personally intrigued from is the support Bluehole has been receiving over these couple weeks. It seems like it’s the first ever game that has managed to grab this big number of players at the same time, thus still being able to provide the great server optimization. It’s not easy to manage that many servers at the same time. Before two days Bluehole has experienced some struggles regarding the health of the servers. All of that because of the incredibly high concurrent peak.

Well, that will also be addressed since Bluehole decided to upgrade their servers, which makes room for another question. Does it mean that Bluehole will be able to set up a purely Unbeatable Highest Concurrent Player peak record? After the server optimization and tweaks are done, I am pretty sure they could easily achieve that number. It’s all about the user experience.

How many servers does Bluehole hold for PUBG? Well, let’s do the math, roughly. One game per server, right? If we take the latest highest peak, which is 1,767,288 and divide it with 90 people per game, it comes out that PUBG holds 19.636 servers. But, this calculation cannot be exact, because there are people being killed instantly. They usually start a new match after they die, while the match they have been on previously is not ended, yet. Not to forget the unknown estimated time of one full game before a server’s free again.

It is important to respect the input that Bluehole has developed throughout this period of time, when the game in some cases, is barely playable. It’s no one’s reason that so many people are playing PUBG nowadays. That’s the reason why we expect to see 2 million concurrent players peak before the end of October.

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