Pokemon Go: 2 Man Squad Defeated Tyranitar Using an Army of Machamps

Tyranitar is a Dark, Rock Type Pokemon that evolves from Pupitar, with 3670 Max CP, 251 Attack, 212 Defense and 200 Stamina. This Raid Boss is weak against Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water, Bug and Fairy Type, but strong against Flying, Fire, Normal, Poison, Dark, Ghost and Psychic Type. Tyranitar can only be caught after defeating it in a Raid Battle.

Today, 2 Pokemon Go Trainers Lvl 38, part of Team Instinct, have defeated Tyranitar Bite/Stone Edge Raid Boss using only Machamp, with 7 seconds on the clock. They’ve tried to defeat the Raid Boss without dodging and decided to just dodge the first Stone Edge with every Machamp. In this way, they took less damage and survived the second Stone Edge without dodging. Watch the video below to see how they manage to defeat Tyranitar and catch it with the first Poke Ball.

Here is the army of Machamps they’ve used:

Trainer 1 – Machamp’s Lvl:

  • Lvl 36.5 15/14/15 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 36.5 14/15/14 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 37.5 12/12/9 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 34.5 11/2/15 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 35 14/6/15 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 36.5 15/14/15 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 36.5 15/14/15 Counter/Dynamic Punch

Trainer 2 – Machamp’s Lvl:

  • Lvl 39 15/15/15 Karate Chop/Submission
  • Lvl36.5 14/15/12 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 36 15/10/12 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 30 13/11/6 Karate Chop/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 29 15/14/9 Counter/Dynamic Punch
  • Lvl 29 14/12/12 Karate Chop/Dynamic Punch

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