Pokemon Go Banette Stats, Best Moveset, Pros and Cons

Banette is a Ghost Type Pokemon that evolves from Shuppet and is also known as the Marionette Pokemon. Banette is weak against Dark/Ghost Pokemon, but strong against Bug, Fighting, Normal and Poison. Its Max CP is 2073, attack 218, defense 127 and stamina 128.

Banette is a dark gray, doll-like Pokémon that is possessed by pure hatred. It has three short spikes on its head and a long zigzagging ribbon trailing off the back of its head. A zipper acts as its mouth, and it has purplish-pink eyes with slit pupils. Its long, flat arms have three-fingered hands, while its legs are short and stubby. It has a yellow, brush-like tail,” as written on Bulbapedia.

Quick Moves

  • Hex
  • Shadow Claw

Charged Moves

  • Shadow Ball
  • Dazzling
  • Thunder

Best Moveset

  • Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball

The good thing or the pros with this Pokemon is that it has the highest Stamina of all Ghost-types in the game, and it also has the highest attack of all pure Ghost-types. As we know, it has a mega evolution coming in the future.

The cons that come with this Pokemon is that it has lower overall bulk compared to Misdreavus, and a lower attack than Haunter. There is also no advantage with this Pokemon, since it has zero resistance to Dragonite and is weak to Tyranitar. Overall, this Pokemon is good for the dex entries.

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