Pokemon Go Dusclops Stats, Best Moveset, Pros and Cons

Dusclops is a Ghost Type Pokemon that evolves from Duskull and is also known as the Beckon Pokemon. Dusclops is weak against Dark/Ghost Pokemon, but strong against Bug, Fighting, Normal and Poison Type Pokemon. Its Max CP is 1335, attack 124, defense 234 and stamina 80.

Dusclops has a roundish gray body with two stubby legs. Its body is hollow and can absorb anything much like a black hole. It has a single red eye and three tooth-like projections. It has two wispy, light gray growths coming out of its shoulders and one on top of its head. Its light gray hands appear to be directly attached to its body. It will have these hands to hypnotize opponents, and then force them to do as it wills,” as written on Bulbapedia.

Quick Moves

  • Hex
  • Feint

Charged Moves

  • Shadow Punch
  • Ice Punch
  • Fire Punch

Best Movesets

  • Hex/Shadow Punch

Dusclops has the highest defense of all Ghost-types that are in the game. It also has a Max defense 234, and also an evolution in Gen 4.

The only cons to this Pokemon is that is has a 90 base Stamina, and lowest attack of all fully evolved Ghost-types. Its Gen 4 evolution, Dusknoir, is also weak. It will have higher stats all around, but 90 base Stamina is not that much impressive.

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