Pokemon Go Gen 3 Dark Type Max CP at Level 20, 30 and 39

With the previous Pokemon Go update, v0.79.2, and the adding of Gen 3 audio files, new Gen 3 Pokedex Badge and the Halloween wallpaper, we are now more than sure to see Gen 3’s debut on Halloween. We expect to see Dark Gen 3 Pokemon, so the following list of Gen 3 Dark Type Pokemon and their Max CP at Level 20, 30 and 39, can be very helpful.

“The Halloween season is a special time in Pokemon Go and a lot of great stuff is coming to the game to celebrate this holiday and to fill out our Pokedex, with new Pokemon,” Niantic says. It’s obvious now, the Pokemon Go community will see a new wave of species.

The hype is definitely here, and as we predicted the community will enjoy the spooky holiday with Gen 3 Dark Pokemon. To be prepared, here is the list of all 10 Gen 3 Dark Type and their Max CP at Lvl 20, 30 and 39:

  1. Absol – Lvl 20: 1303 Max CP; Lvl 30: 1955 Max CP; Lvl 39: 2248 Max CP
  2. Poochyena – Lvl 20: 322 Max CP; Lvl 30: 483 Max CP; Lvl 39: 564 Max CP
  3. Mightyena – Lvl 20: 1018 Max CP; Lvl 30: 1528 Max CP; Lvl 39: 1753 Max CP
  4. Nuzleaf – Lvl 20: 638 Max CP; Lvl 30: 957 Max CP; Lvl 39: 1101 Max CP
  5. Shiftry – Lvl 20: 1249 Max CP; Lvl 30: 1874 Max CP; Lvl 39: 2155 Max CP
  6. Carvanha – Lvl 20: 499 Max CP; Lvl 30: 749 Max CP; Lvl 39: 862 Max CP
  7. Sharpedo – Lvl 20: 1134 Max CP; Lvl 30: 1702 Max CP; Lvl 39: 1957 Max CP
  8. Cacturne – Lvl 20: 1195 Max CP; Lvl 30: 1793 Max CP; Lvl 39: 2062 Max CP
  9. Crawdaunt – Lvl 20: 1324 Max CP; Lvl 30: 1986 Max CP; Lvl 39: 2284 Max CP
  10. Sableye – Lvl 20: 745 Max CP; Lvl 30: 1118 Max CP; Lvl 39: 1286 Max CP

As you can see from the list, none of the Dark Type Pokemon exceed Turanitar’s stats. So, a great option is to get yourself a Bite/Crunch Tyranitar and believe me, you won’t regret it.

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