Pokemon Go Shuppet Stats, Moves and Counters

The long-awaited Pokemon Go event is finally here, and during this event Trainers all around the world will have a chance to catch Shuppet, Banette, Duskull and Dusclops, all part of Gen 3 Ghost Type group. Also, players can earn x2 candy for catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon, and the Buddy will find candy x2 faster. This is very important for Shuppet, as this Ghost is the unevolved form.

Shuppet is a spherical Pokémon that appears to be covered by a gray cloth. Black rings surround its multicolored eyes, which have light blue sclera, dark blue irises and yellow pupils. Extending from the top of its head is a long, pointed horn. The horn collects the negative emotions of people, on which this Pokémon feeds. The emotions it feeds on include anger, jealousy and envy,” as written on Bulbapedia.

Shuppet is a Ghost Type Pokemon from Gen 3, and is the unevolved form. It evolves into Banette by spending 50 candy. Shuppet’s Max CP is 872, attack 138, defense 66 and stamina 88.

Like any other Pokemon, Shuppet has Quick and Charged moves. His quick moves are Feint/Astonish and his charged moves are Ominous Wind/Night Shade/Shadow Sneak.

This Ghost is weak against Dark/Ghost Pokemon, but strong against Bug, Fighting, Normal and Poison Type Pokemon.

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