Pokemon Go v0.77.1 APK Mine, Support for Two New Gen 3 Species’ Forms Added, Bug Fixes and New Features

Pokemon Go update v0.77.1 for Android, is now live, and it includes significant bug fixes, new features, and the support for two new Gen 3 species. Yes, that’s right, Deoxys and Castform have been added in this APK.

The update is now live on Android, and as Pokemon Go Team announced yesterday, the new v0.77.1 brings mostly bug fixes, but it also confirmes that Costumed Pokemon can’t be mass-transferred. If you missed the patch notes, here are is the list of changes:

  • Network error fix
  • Curveball bug fix
  • Raid lobby number fix
  • Raids ordering reset fix
  • Warning before transferring costumed Pokemon
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

But, what is really exciting about this update, is the support for Gen 3 Pokemon forms, Deoxys and Castform. For those who aren’t familiar what ‘forms’ are: they are special species that have variants.

Each one of the above mentioned, has 4 forms and all of them have been added:


This doesn’t confirm the release of Gen 3, but we are getting closer, as TSR says, “We may be as close as 1 update away from Gen 3.” Sounds exciting, right?

Now let’s see about the bug fixes. The most important bug fix is the Curveball fix, as it makes a major impact on catch rates, especially the extra multiplier on Raid Bosses.

New error codes have been added to fix the network bug, as follows:


For last, there is a new feature added toggleLowMotivationPushNotification. This is a new push notification added to the Setting menu, and it tells what defender Pokemon is low on motivation.

Adding Gen 3 at this stage of the game will make a lot of Trainers happy. It would be much better if we see new Raid Bosses first, and then Gen 3. What are your thoughts on this matter Trainers?

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