Those who Pre-order Escape From Tarkov Will Receive Extra 30 Stash Slots for Free, Sketchy

A thing that concerns me quite a bit in video games. Whenever I buy a game, I ensure the game is not, or, does not, or, will never adopt a Pay to Win type of gameplay. Battlestate Games is probably wanting to improve the marketing by “cheating” the players to pre-order the game in order to receive 30 more inventory spaces. It is a bit cheeky and low move according to the community, as the game is going to remain at the same price.

Escape From Tarkov

Despite the inventory bonus, Battlestate Games has announced that the Pre-Order packages will finally be explained in details, as they were lacking information on what the buyer would get. The game will go into an Open Beta rather than closed very soon, and it’s quite fun to play it. Have to admit, I am excited about the input of realism within the game, as players push themselves to meet their hunger to extract the scavenged gear while on a raid.

In Escape from Tarkov, once you’re dead, everything you had while the session was on is lost. Escape From Tarkov it’s not just a normal game. Instead, it operates with a really nice environment, very good mechanics, action and reason to play the game on a daily basis. The loot and the content you play in Escape From Tarkov are completely different, and players find it to be unique. I have found it as a unique as well, as I have never ever seen a game that offers an idea of this caliber which enlightens the beautiful gameplay and empowers players to come back because it will always be payback time, no matter what.

However, the concerns about the Pay to Win problem seems to grow bigger, even if Battlestate Games have confirmed that the game will never be, nor will transport into a Pay 2 Win game.

Below you can find the upcoming changes for all the packages, as stated by Battlestar Games.

in Standard Edition:

  • +100000 roubles
  • AKS74U + 2 magazines

in Left Behind Edition – all new added stuff to Standard Edition and:

  • АК74N + 2 magazines
  • first aid kit Salewa
  • grenade RGD5
  • additional backpack (MBSS – 4×4 slots)

in Prepare for Escape Edition – all new added stuff to Left Behind Edition and Standard Edition and:

  • SMG Vityaz or HK MP5 + 2 magazines (depending on selected faction)
  • 1000 dollars
  • Kiver helmet
  • reflex sight Pilad
  • first aid kit IFAK
  • handguard to АК74 M1-B Ultimak

in Edge of Darkness Limited Edition – all new added stuff to the previous packages and:

  • 3000 dollars
  • first aid kit Grizzly
  • Alpha tactical rig
  • additional large field backpack TriZip
  • injector with morphine х2
  • sniper rifle SV98 + 1 magazine
  • hybrid silencer Silencerco Hybrid 46
  • adaptor hybrid silencer Silencerco Hybrid 46
  • pistol case
  • body armor 6B43 6A
  • submachine gun MPX + 2 magazines
  • handguard M4 LVOA-S
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