PUBG Vaulting and Climbing Coming Soon, Have No Faith In Its Mechanics

Now that we’re extremely close to PUBG’s vaulting and climbing mechanics, we can talk a bit more about its usage. Seemingly, I have experienced this kind of feature in lots of games as well. However, when it comes down to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds my suspiciousness is on a much higher level.

The game is still in Early Access, therefore, I do not expect this feature to pass the test servers that fast and easy without appearing of any further difficulties. It is a serious mechanics you implement in a game, and it seems like Bluehole loves to just swallow food without even chewing it first.

As many other updates they have done in the past, the same goes for this one. Nothing has ever been working as it should after Bluehole has released it, even if it passed the test servers without anyone encountering the issues. Do not get me wrong, the game is booming by breaking every record, but what’s too much is too much. After Bluhole announced that the updates will come at a slower rate, it seems like they do not respect their own word.

There will be blood

Hold your horses, Gentlemen. There will be no blood at all, I am just kidding. But, there will be madness appearing out of nowhere. I can imagine Reddit going crazy because of all the frustrated players and their encounters of some of the abusers of the new vaulting/climbing feature or whatsoever. Even Bluehole has stated that there will be bugs.

However, looking on the bright side, we will definitely hop on the test servers and try most of the new vaulting/climbing mechanics and animations on our own. As soon as the servers are live, we will to try and do that on different objects, walls, houses, etc… Therefore, I advise you to come back and check us out again.

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