PUBG Won’t Come Out On PS4 Until It Appears on Xbox First

Bluehole and Microsoft agreed on working together to release PUBG on Xbox by the end of 2017. As we remember, at this year’s E3, Bluehole has clearly showcased their fresh partnership with Microsoft in order to bring the best user experience to all of the Xbox Users. Nowadays, Playerunknown’s Battleground encounters an amazingly high concurrent players peak, for which we expect to reach 2 million players, today.

Do not get me wrong, it is a big achievement. But, however, we still believe that PUBG may stall for some period. Why? The Answer is simple. Their game is booming on every single marketing field. However, let’s get back to the subject. A lot of freshly created rumors speak about an earlier release of PUBG on PS4 than Xbox. While every PUBG fan whose primary platform is a PS4 console, probably cannot wait to experience the game on his gamepad and has to be happy on the rumors.

It’s only rumors

However, there’s a bad conclusion regarding this. Do you remember that a lot of games created by Sony, came out on PS4 first because of a partnership or contract? Not to remind you that those were developed and published by famous developing companies? Well, that is a pure boomerang, and I am pretty sure it’s Microsoft’s turn to decide when the game is going to come out. Even if PUBG is scheduled to come in late 2017, it seems that Bluehole might choke on the official release.

Even after sources have unveiled that Bluehole is in talks with other console companies, it’s quite unlikely PUBG to come out on PS4 first, avoiding the Xbox. It will definitely come to PS4, but the important question is when?

Well, at least the full puzzle is going to be solved. With the Xbox One Date closing, players will be able to maybe get Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds as a combo package together with the Xbox One X. It is assumed to be the best console in the world and we just hope it will be possible to play on 4k res and 60fps. It seems like the whole world is going crazy about those Battle Royale games. It smells like all the upcoming games are going to include the same type of mode, even if they do not own the type of gameplay to fulfil the meaning of Battle Royale.

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