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How to Solo Gengar Raid Boss Using Only 1 Gengar

One of the Raid Bosses in Raid Battles is Gengar. He is with 19768 CP and Max Capture CP 1496. Gengar is a dual type Pokemon, Ghost and Poison. Keep this in mind if you want to defeat him solo or in a party.

My No.1 choice when it comes down to Gengar is Tyranitar. I’m saying this because of 2 very important things. First, he is a Dark Type Pokemon and second, because of his Bite/Crunch. At the same time, Tyranitar doesn’t take a lot of damage from Ghost/Poison moves.

At first, it looks like soloing a Focus Blast Gengar with just 1 Gengar is not possible, but the Pokemon Go player who goes by the name of RyanSwag has proven that is possible by sharing a video of the Raid and giving us extra details:

The Ghost on Ghost violence is only achievable with the Shadow Claw + Shadow Ball Gengar. In a theoretical way, it can be done with a Hex Gengar or a Shadow Claw Banette. But with this way, you have to use clock sync or something else that can give you extra time. Starting a raid with the lead Hex Gengar or SC Banette which can be followed by the one you plan on healing, can save you heaps of time. 

RyanSwag wanted to inform us about all of this, before the Gen 3 hype takes over, and also wishes us all Happy Halloween!



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