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Blood Waves Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer, Coming as an Early Access Soon

Blood Waves, an Indie Zombie Shooter that might turn out to be a big competition to some of the big name companies out there. As the developer love to explain it, it’s a hardcore and bloody shooter where players need to fight the living dead using traps, barricades, including close and long-range weapons.

Light Road Games has published the first Gameplay Trailer for Blood Waves and it looks quite horrific. Lots of fans would love to try yet another bloody shooter and destroy zombies. Blood Waves will soon enter an Early Access phase, and its full release is scheduled for Spring 2018.

Despite its single-player only mode, the developers have noted that there might be a CO-OP mode as well. Will it have a different Zombie approach than other games? That remains to be seen first on 24 November, this month. According to the developer, in Blood Waves, players will have the chance to upgrade their character’s skills and many other mechanics that will somewhat bring a different zombie experience.

If you’re eager to find out more about the game, you can check out the game on Steam. Below you can watch the latest Blood Waves trailer:



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