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Dishonored 2 Gets Update 5, Removes The Annoying FPS Stutters

Arkane Studios has released a new patch for Dishonored 2. After some time, it seems like they have finally fixed the framerate stutters players had. I remember countless of reports regarding that issue and yet there was no fix until now. Dishonored 2 Game Update 5 is fairly greeted by the fans, explaining it was about time.

Lots of players had some fps drop issues, making the game unbearable to play. Thanks to this latest Game Update 5 that should be far from gone, including some additional fixes that are deployed within. It seems like Arkane Studios and Bethesda has also fixed Dishonored 2’s UI Crashes including the Alt-Tab bug on Windows 10.

Below you can find the full Update 5 changelog:


  • Fixed various UI crashes
  • UI optimization
  • Fixed a bug when ALT-TAB on Windows 10 RS3 causes issues.
  • Added Dishonored: Death of the Outsider link to Steam page on main menu
  • Fixed a bug where creating new user name with the special Russian ₽ character is giving “insufficient storage” message when starting a new game on Windows 10.
  • Fixed a bug where AMD Eyefinity and nVidia Surround causes difficulty navigating to some UI elements with mouse.
  • Fixed a bug where framerate sometimes drops heavily during a short time when switching equipment especially while moving
  • Fixed a bug where game can stay stuck on the loading screen before the main menu when plugging a screen on an integrated chipset instead of the video card.


  • Fixed a bug where keyhole Peek prompt produces inconsistent muffling of sound for the player
  • Fixed an audio bug where position and orientation were wrong in keyhole peeking

In order to grab the update all you need to do is restart Steam.



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