Farfetch’d is Now Live, Gold Tier Unlocked for Everyone

Pokemon Go Trainers, 3 billion Pokemon have been caught and Gold Tier is now active for everyone. This means 2x XP, 2x Stardust, 6h Lure Modules, Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan are available for 48h. The only difference is Farfetch’d is available worldwide, while Kangaskhan is available only in East Asia.

The Global Catch Challenge went live on November 19/20, and Pokemon Go Trainers had 7 days, until November 26, to catch and earn:

  • 500 million Pokemon (Bronze) – 2x XP, 6h Lure Modules and more Pokemon.
  • 1.5 billion Pokemon (Silver) – 2x XP, 2x Stardust, 6h Lure Modules and even more Pokemon.
  • 3 billion Pokemon (Gold) – 2x XP, 2x Stardust, 6h Lure Modules, Farfetch’d available worldwide for 48h and Kangaskhan in East Asia for 48h.

At first, the number seemed high, meaning – 428.571.529 Pokemon had to be caught per day. We had a rough start, with only 298.159.864 Pokemon caught for the first day, but the numbers kept rising day by day and we had a great progress:

  • November 21 at 8:17 AM – 500.000.000 – Bronze Reward active. The same day at 11:12 PM – 777.461.788.
  • November 22 at 10:14 AM – 1.007.319.858. The same day at 8:45 PM – 1.230.566.723.
  • November 23 at 8:10 AM – 1.5 billion – Silver Reward active. The same day at 8:27 PM – 1.732.236.398
  • November 24 at 7:33 AM – 2.006.581.156. The same day at 8:43 PM – 2.296.835.034.
  • November 25 at 6:45 AM– 2.506.211.806. The same day at 6:41 PM – 2.812.437.043.
  • November 26 at 1:51 AM – We’ve caught 3 billion Pokemon – Gold Reward active and will run until December 1, 2017, at 1:00 PM, except Farfetch’d available only for 48h, starting now.

The rate was over 610 million Pokemon per day, which is our fastest and we hit our highest catch rate so far. Good job Trainers, we did it!

This was one of the greatest events so far and it looks like Niantic have found a great way to unlock regionals. Thank you Niantic for all the fun, and I think now it’s the perfect time for Gen 3!

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