Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Interference Brings New PvP Features, Game Mode and Five Maps

Ghost Recon Wildlands just got a new update today, called free Interference. This update brings new PvP features, a new game mode called Uplink, five new maps and new PvP class, the Disruptor.

The new update, free Interference is a free update, available to all Ghost Recon Wildlands players, on all platforms. The update is now live, bringing new features and revealing five new PvP updates coming to the game.

ghost recon wildlands free interference

First, let’s see what is new with the free Interference:

  • New Game Mode Uplink – this is a 4v4 objective-based mode. Players’ mission is to control and defend an access point in the center of the map
  • Five new maps, three specifically for Uplink
  • New PvP class the Disruptor – A support player equipped with jamming devices, the Disruptor can interfere with the enemy team’s markers, mini-map information, and notifications. As a counter-balance, Disruptors cannot mark enemies or send pings to teammates

The five new, upcoming free PvP updates will feature new classes, new maps, modes and gameplay tweaks. Starting from this month, until April, Ghost Recon Wildlands players are going to receive a new update as follows:

  • Jungle Storm – Coming in December
  • Extended Ops – January
  • New Assignment – February
  • Reinforcement – March
  • Bravo 6 – April

As announced on Ubisoft blog, Season Pass and Ghost War Pass owners will have a 7-days early access to all new classes. The others can unlock the new classes after 7-days of their release, but only using Prestige Credits or by purchasing the same from the in-game store.

For last, if you want to see the full list of changes, visit the official Ghost Recon Wildlands website and find out more.

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