Grinding 40 Hours In Star Wars: Battlefront II To Get Darth Vader or Luke Sounds Crazy

Star Wars: Battlefront II wants to keep you put and install that Grind machine inside your head. But, is it worth accepting it? Is it worth of grinding 40 hours straight?

Star Wars Battlefront 2

The internet is blown by Star Wars: Battlefront II, knowing lots of people are just curious how everything is going to play out regarding the microtransactions. Especially when it comes to buying a hero or a villain, which most likely are players’ favorite. After EA expressed themselves around microtransactions, there has been a Reddit spreadsheet full of calculations of how much playtime you’ll need to get your favorite character in the game.

However, the real problem here is the credits gain system, which entirely differs from Battlefront 1. In Battlefront 1 you were gaining points skill accordingly, which means the better you play, the more credits you get. In Battlefront 2 skill reflection is not a thing and players wouldn’t get any extra credits for their input.

Now, by knowing that, it makes extremely difficult to get along and play with your favorite character in Star Wars: Battlefront II. To get to 60, 000 credits, you will need to make it even by playing 40 hours, assuming you won’t buy any of the crates. Accordingly, a player needs around 2.395.97 hours of gameplay to unlock a hero or villain. EA may have made the game grindy, but what about the players’ response?

Would they be satisfied with the system EA has offered, and yet everyone supports it and gets along with it? Not us, we do not like what we’ve seen so far when it comes to Star Wars: Battlefront II. The fact that players need to play 40 gameplay hours to open a favorite hero is frustrating, no matter what game we’re talking about.

It is simple. Those who do not tend to pay any extra money to get special loot are those who won’t have a single chance of playing with Darth Vader or Luke, not anytime soon.

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