Heroes of the Storm Gets New Patch, Brings Balance and Addresses Bugs

Titled as Patch 28.5, Blizzard decides to fix their game in terms of Balance, while also they aim to address already known bugs. Not all of the HOTS Heroes are affected by this change, which means that not all of them need a tweak regarding balance.

The most broken Heroes are Junkrat, Raynor, Tychus, Valla, Zul’jin From the Assassin’s Class. From Specialists, Azmodan and Zagara will be changed, while Supports like Kharazim and Stukov will also get a tweak of their own. The last, Warriors class, Garrosh, Leoric and Muradin will be changed as well.

We know that Blizzard is one of the best developers who care for stats and numbers. They probably have the most balanced games, which typically speaks for their personal character. When it comes to Heroes of the Storm, good balance update is a must, therefore, Blizzard has decided to tweak 12 Heroes, while also fixing some bugs.

Below you can find the bug fixes, detailed. If you’d love to check the Hero changes, you may check Blizzard’s official HOTS website.

Bug Fixes

Heroes, Abilities, and Talents

  • Kerrigan: Triggering the Double Strike Talent after learning Fury of the Storm will no longer cause the next Basic Attack to deal more than the intended amount of cleave damage to secondary targets.
  • Muradin: After learning Thunder Burn, Thunder Clap will no longer fail to fire a second time if an enemy was struck by the outer-edge of the initial cast’s area of effect.
  • Muradin: Fixed an issue causing Muradin’s Second Wind Trait and Third Wind Talent to restore less than the intended amount of Health.
  • Nazeebo: The Superstition Talent’s visual effects will no longer persist after Nazeebo is killed.
  • Zul’jin: The Troll’s Blood Talent will now correctly restore 10% of Zul’jin’s maximum Mana when Regeneration channeling completes.

User Interface

  • Draft Mode: Fixed an issue that prevented players from selecting the Garden Shambler Murky Skin in draft lobbies

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