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Hanzo & Alexstrasza

Heroes of the Storm: Hanzo and Alexstrasza as New Dragons To Join The Nexus

If I am not mistaken, right after adding around 15 new heroes since the last BlizzCon, Blizzard will add two more heroes very soon. They’re not just anyone, as they have one thing in common. They’re Dragon fighters, how I love to call them. Alexstrasza and Hanzo are joining the Nexus and they’ll have the chance to fight their way through the most fearful enemies in Heroes of the Storm, together.

I am guessing most of you already know Hanzo. Alexstrasza is more unfamiliar than Hanzo, so let’s talk a bit about her. She’s a ranged support who manipulates her HP to heal her allies. Her trait allows her to transform into a blazing and powerful Dragon. On the other side, Hanzo is recognizable for his Assassin’s Skills, as he’ll be your next favorite Assassin when he joins the nexus.

You can watch the Hero trailer below:

There are going to be further updates coming to Heroes of the Storm, so, stay tuned!



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