Heroes of the Storm PTR Goes Live, Hanzo Joins, Will be Active until December 11

We have a glimpse of BlizzCon 2017. The announced content at Blizzcon 2017 is slowly but surely coming to Heroes of the Storm. By saying a glimpse of the event, this time we think of Hanzo. It is time for the second dragon to join the Nexus. This time is no one else but Hanzo from Overwatch. Until 2018, we should have a full update including voice chat.

Back when BlizzCon 2017 was live, we’ve been talking about the Performance-Based matchmaking. However, the new performance-based matchmaking is not going to be live until November 27. This matchmaking system shall determine players’ skill a lot faster after a season reset. Old players shall have no suffers from playing with lower skilled players than them, thanks to the performance-based matchmaking.

What is really important is the new game Camera Height. Blizzard has stated that the camera height will be changed and we’re more than eager to preview the change. Having more distanced camera will definitely bring changes regarding team fights. There’s nothing wrong with having increased visibility over the field.

As always, Blizzard tends to change more than only “game’s peripherals”. Despite the addition of Hanzo and performance-based matchmaking, there will be a dozen of other changes, including Hero tweaks as well.

Below you can find all the bug fixes included in 20th November PTR Update:


  • Fixed a number of typo and tooltip errors across several aspects of the game.


  • Kharazim: Kharazim’s arms and upper body now animated correctly during his dizzy animation.
  • Leoric: The Shroud of the Dead King Talent will now correctly play an animation and a sound when activated.
  • Samuro: Monkey King Samuro’s model will no longer exhibit flickering during Hero Select while running Medium or High graphic settings.
  • The Lost Vikings: Fixed an issue causing Baelog to cast superfluous shadows on the terrain.


  • Sky Temple: Fixed an issue that could prevent Temple lasers from appearing correctly on the Minimap.
  • Structures: Auriel’s Blinding Flash and Artanis’ Suppression Pulse can no longer Blind Structures.
  • Towers of Doom: The Headless Horseman Boss is no longer incorrectly categorized as a Monster.
  • Volskaya Foundry: Fixed an issue in which Heroes on the outer edge of the Hall of Storms would not receive Healing or protection.

Heroes, Abilities, and Talents

  • Alexstrasza: Life-Binder is no longer interrupted when entering or exiting Dragonqueen.
  • Diablo: Fixed an issue that could cause Shadow Charge to deal its collision damage multiple times under certain circumstances.
  • Garrosh: Casting Wrecking Ball on Mercenaries will no longer cause them to leash while in combat.
  • Gul’dan: Movement caused by a conveyor belt will no longer cancel Rain of Destruction channeling.
  • Kel’thuzad: The Power of Icecrown Talent will now correctly grant bonus Spell Power for enemy Heroes Slowed by Chains of Kel’Thuzad with the Chains of Ice Talent.
  • Li-Ming: Zei’s Vengeance and Arcane Orb tooltips have been updated to clarify bonus damage functionality. Damage amounts have not been changed.
  • Lt. Morales: The Second Opinion Talent will now correctly grant cooldown reduction when one of the Heroes struck by Displacement Grenade is piloting a Vehicle, like the Garden Terror.
  • Lunara: Fixed an inconsistency that allowed Lunara to cast Leaping Strike over some, but not all, allied units after learning Boundless Stride.
  • Medivh: Creating a Portal entrance after learning Portal Mastery and then entering the Triglav Protector will no longer prevent him from using the Protector’s abilities.
  • Muradin: Learning Reverberation no longer incorrectly updates the Attack Speed Slow amount in Thunder Clap’s tooltip.
  • Murky: Spawn Egg with the Egg Hunt Talent can now be cast correctly on Volskaya Foundry’s conveyor belts.

User Interface

  • Death Recap: Fortification Camp Turret attacks now display a Turret icon in the Death Recap screen.

If you’d love to preview all the changes, detailed, make sure you visit the official Heroes of the Storm website. This PTR session will be active until December 11. Therefore, it’s time to unleash the Dragon power and taste Hanzo and his cool looking abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

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