All You Need To Know To Get Ready For Xbox One X, Take Advantage Now With These Simple Steps

The most powerful console Xbox One X is coming next week, on November 7 and now its the perfect time to get ready in advantage to get up and running as quickly as possible with the games, content and setting, thanks to the video below and Major Nelson.

The very first thing Xbox One X owners have to do is pre-download 4K assets in order to enjoy the Xbox One X Enhanced games without delay. Here is what to do:

  • Settings
  • System
  • Backup and Transfer

Finishing this process will take you to an Download 4K game content. Tap A to check the box, or:

  • Settings
  • System
  • Updates
  • Check on Keep my games and apps up to date.

In this way, the 4K content will update by itself all the time. This is the better option.

xbox one x games apps backup transfer enhanced games automatic steps

The second thing is to back up your settings. Go back to Backup and Transfer and you will find the Back Up My Settings. But, have in mind that you will need an extra hard drive connected, as you will be required to. You can transfer all of your account and key system settings to the new Xbox One X. Everything will be copied to your hard drive. Then, just insert all of your data to your new console, import it and you are all set.

Under Backup and Transfer, there is also a network transfer option. Using this feature, you can copy games and apps from your old console to Xbox One X just by using your home network.

But, a better option is to use an External Hard Drive to transfer games and the Xbox team have enabled bulk transfer across storage devices. Here are the steps:

  • Settings
  • System
  • Select Storage and choose which drive you want to manage
  • Select games and apps
  • Copy or Move to the external drive

This will be much faster than using the network.

And now we come to the final part, the Xbox One X Enhanced games list. Here are the steps:

  • My Games & Apps
  • Xbox One X Enhanced filter

Make sure to select automatic updates

  • Setting
  • System
  • Updates
  • Enable Automatic Updates

I suggest automatic updates because is faster and you have to save some time to enjoy your new Xbox One X.

If anything from the above-mentioned tips is not clear, you can check this video and follow Major Nelson’s Xbox One X guide.

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