New Raid Bosses Spawning in Pokemon Go, The Length of Raid is 45 Minutes

Pokemon Go Trainers, new Raid Bosses started to show up in the game.

The Pokemon Go community is finally getting a new wave of Raid Bosses as now reported by a lot of Pokemon Go players. Raid timers are 45 minutes now and Eggs are still one hour.

pokemon go new raid bosses rotation

There is still no official statement from the Pokemon Go company, but here is a list of the new Raid Bosses including their CP:

Lvl 1

  • Ivysaur – 5238
  • Metapod – 1534
  • Charmeleon – 5038
  • Wartortle – 4503

Lvl 2

  • Magneton – 14172
  • Sableye – 8266
  • Sandslash – 12312
  • Tentacruel – 12190
  • Marowak – 9891
  • Cloyster – 15678

Lvl 3

  • Ninetales – 14914
  • Scyther – 17358
  • Omastar – 18915
  • Porygon – 11419

Lvl 4

  • Poliwrath – 24247
  • Victrebell – 23780
  • Golem – 30572
  • Nidoking – 24873
  • Nidoqueen – 23216

If you have encountered any other Raid Bosses, let us know in the comments section below.

Pokemon Go community: Dear Niantic, we want PvP, trading and an adequate battle system with at least some end game or quests.

Niantic: Here is a Metapod as a Raid Boss and lower Raid time!

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    1. Limited trades with a valid value system would be ok but someone trading a magical for a suicune would wreck the game. But a value assigned trade would be nice for completing a set.

      1. multi-accounters will be trading back and forth within their own accounts. as it is, the problem is rampant and unchecked. it is not uncommon for someone to walk up to a raid with more than 1 phone.. I’ve seen people show up with 4 or more.

  1. PVP will destroy the game, you think you want it now but the first time some a hole starts a fight or murders someone over the game, you’ll wish you didn’t ask for it….. I have seen a person c*** another’s phone and throw it in a lake over a gym battle before, so yeah…..No PVP please.

  2. So I’m on a trip in Vegas. I have actually seen both the time lessened and I have seen raid bosses of the first gen second forms, sableye, sandslash, cloyster, magneton, and omastar.

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