New Wave of EX Raid Invitations is Out, Scheduled for 12/3

Pokemon Go Trainers, check your app now because a new wave of EX Raid invitations has just been sent to some players and this time the EX Raid Battle is scheduled for December 3.

As Niantic confirmed, EX Raid Battles are no longer a field test, they are officially confirmed. Also, they’ve shared the criteria on how a player is selected to participate in EX Raid, saying:

When the feature first entered field-testing, the system randomly selected a set of Trainers who were eligible for the EX Raid Battle. By taking Gym Badge level and total Raid Battles completed into account, we’re able to give Trainers who actively engage with the Gym where the EX Raid Battle is taking place and those who have invested more time into the Raid Battle feature a better chance of being invited to participate.

Niantic has also made some changes and improvements to EX Raids:

  • EX Raid Battles will take place most commonly at Gyms found in parks and sponsored locations.
  • Trainers with a high-level Gym Badge are more likely to be invited to EX Raid Battles taking place at that Gym.
  • Trainers who have completed a larger number of Raid Battles are more likely to be invited to EX Raid Battles.
  • EX Raid Battle start times now take into account popular Raid Battle times at that Gym.
  • Trainers invited to EX Raid Battles will receive an in-game notification if the EX Raid Battle is canceled.
  • Trainers will receive Stardust and Premium Raid Passes when an EX Raid Battle is canceled.

The new EX Raid wave is now set to start on December 3 and will last for 45 minutes.

ex raid december 3

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One Comment

  1. EX Raid Passes continue to be a problem–they have not actually been “fixed.” You can’t get one for a really
    long time, when you do get one, the time and place of the raid is
    impossible, and then when you can use it, THE CATCH SCREEN GLITCHES OUT
    AND YOU DON’T GET YOUR MEWTWO. And Niantic couldn’t care less. They
    acknowledge that it’s a known glitch, but don’t make it right. They just
    shrug their shoulders and say, “Eh, you’ll get another EX raid pass
    someday.” After all the raiding and waiting and hoping and finally
    having the Mewtwo in your hands, only to be cheated out of it. The
    system has NOT been improved. Mewtwo needs to be a legendary raid boss
    like any other, and everyone needs to have both a decent shot at it, and
    recourse if, through no fault of the player, he or she is cheated out
    of a Mewtwo.

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