Pokemon Go Players Want To See These Raid Bosses in the Game

A few days ago, a European Pokemon Go player who goes by the name of lorma96 on Reddit, has made a poll on TSR asking Pokemon Go Trainers to give their vote on what Raid Boss, Tier 1 to Tier 4, they want to see in the game.

Lorma96 has gathered over 500 submissions, where Pokemon Go players have been voting on current and former Raid Bosses and here are the top 10 Raid Bosses that Pokemon Go community wants to see:


  1. Magikarp with 300 votes
  2. Eevee with 286 votes
  3. Dratini with 217 votes
  4. Ivysaur, Charmeleon and Wartortle with 209 votes
  5. Larvitar with 200 votes
  6. Pikachu with 187 votes
  7. Unown with 174 votes
  8. Tyrogue with 144 votes
  9. Mareep with 129 votes


  1. Exeggutor with 277 votes
  2. Tangela with 208 votes
  3. Porygon with 202 votes
  4. Regionals with 200 votes (limited to their own region)
  5. Scyther with 187 votes
  6. Piloswine with 176 votes
  7. Regionals with 164 votes (outside of their regions)
  8. Pupitar with 162 votes
  9. Magneton with 159 votes
  10. Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan/Hitmontop with 140 votes


  1. Machamp with 396 votes
  2. Alakazam with 325 votes
  3. Gengar with 300 votes
  4. Espeon/Umbreon with 255 votes
  5. Dragonair with 230 votes
  6. Omastar with 222 votes
  7. Golem with 185 votes
  8. Scyther with 173 votes
  9. Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon with 164 votes
  10. Houndoom with 135 votes


  1. Tyranitar with 390 votes
  2. Snorlax with 336 votes
  3. Lapras with 304 votes
  4. Dragonite with 266 votes
  5. Golem with 265 votes
  6. Rhydon with 206 votes
  7. Gyarados with 199 votes
  8. Ampharos with 168 votes
  9. Meganium/Typhlosion/Feraligatr with 154 votes
  10. Blissey/Donphan with 138 votes

The poll is still open, so if you want to leave your vote, you can do it here.

For last, if you want to see the full infographic and the other answers, follow this link and find out more.

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at

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