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Pokemon Go Trainer’s Level is a Misguide of the Strength of a Trainer

Killerofheroes is a Pokemon Go Trainer, Level 35, who is coming from Indiana and who has recently made an elaboration on the “empty experience” (like he calls it) and how this term is affecting the Pokemon Go community.

This as said, can be seen in the Legendary Raids. With the experience gained, there is a lack of stardust. Let’s just imagine, 3 trainers who are at Level 29, and want to obtain 2,020,000 experience. With this obtained experience, the trainers are quite close to Level 33. Down below, Killerofheroes have calculated the experience and stardust needed to achieve their goals, and how many Pokemon they can level up from 20 to 30 using the stardust obtained.

Trainer 1 gets the experience with hitting excellent curve throws on all of the Pokemon, and also with lucky egg mass evolutions. On every 4 catches, this Trainer can evolve one Pokemon. If gained 2,020,000 experience, this Trainer would need to catch 3,960 Pokemon and evolve around 990 Pokemon with lucky eggs.


Experience: 260(3,960) + 1,000(990) = 2,019,600 experience

Stardust: 3,960(100) = 396,000 stardust

Leveled up Pokemon: 396,000/75,000 = 5.28 -> 5 Pokemon can be leveled from 20 to 30

Trainer 2 isn’t as good at Pokemon Go and can never catch a Pokemon with the first throw. This trainer also can’t even curve ball or hit a nice throw.

But like Trainer 1, he also conducts lucky egg mass evolutions. We’ll also assume that for every 4 catches, he’s able to evolve one Pokemon. For the Trainer to obtain roughly 2,020,000 experience, he would need to catch 5,771 Pokemon and conduct 1,442 evolutions with lucky eggs.


Experience: 100(5,771) + 1,000(1,442) = 2,019,100 experience

Stardust: 5,771(100) = 577,100 stardust

Leveled up Pokemon: 577,100/75,000 = 7.69 -> 7 Pokemon can be leveled from 20 to 30

Trainer 3 is grinding for experience primarily through winning raids and he’s determined that if he does 200 Legendary raids and catches all those Pokemon, he’ll get the 2,020,000 experience he needs.


Experience: 10,000(200) + 100(200) = 2,020,000 experience

Stardust: 200(100) = 20,000 stardust

Leveled up Pokemon: 20,000/75,000 = .27 -> 1 Pokemon can be leveled from 20 to 23

Trainers 1 and 2 are representing what a Level 33 meant before Legendary Raids came in the game. Trainer 3 is what a Level 33 is after the introduction of Legendary Raids. Killerofheroes said that Trainers 1 and 2 would theoretically earn more stardust than calculated because in these calculations catching 2 or 3 evolutions is not included.

This is not a massive problem occurring in the game, but it sometimes can become an issue when people discuss trainer levels, says killerofheroes.

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  1. I’m also level 35, but earned my points by catching Pokemon and taking down gyms. I only started raids recently, 10 of them with 5 being for Entei. I keep explaing this article to my friend who went up to 26 in a hurry, he now lacks the necessary Pokedust and variety to improve his pokemon. Meanwhile I have 475,000 of it!

  2. I believe this is just bunch of bull. Been a level 40 since May and I’m strong player. I earned my way by grinding at different locations in our city to gain the right pokemon. Battled numerous of gyms (old gym systems) and got lucky on eggs. Whomever made this research needs to go back and research again before stating the facts.

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