Pokemon Go Update v0.83.1 Adds Gen 3 Move Names and Cleffa as Bonus

With the recent v0.83.1 update, Pokemon Go Trainers are able to power up Pokemon to full level 40, Niantic continues to work on the Battle Party feature, asset bundle loading is changed, Blacklist is optimized and more, mainly bug fixes. No one expected to see Gen 3 info, but this update adds Gen 3 move names and bonus.

The changes with the latest v0.83.1 are mostly regarding bug fixes, except the power up to full Lvl 40 feature and the Battle Parties feature, but what is really surprisingĀ is the Gen 3 move names and adding shiny Cleffa as a bonus, but only in 3D assets, which means that is not available yet.

pokemon go gen 3 move names cleffa bonus

Gen 3 Move Names Added

  • “move_name_0287” “Yawn”
  • “move_name_0282” “Take Down”
  • “move_name_0285” “Draco Meteor”
  • “move_name_0283” “Waterfall”
  • “move_name_0284” “Surf”
  • “move_name_0288” “Psycho Boost”
  • “move_name_0286” “Doom Desire”
  • “move_name_0290” “Precipice Blades”
  • “move_name_0289” “Origin Pulse”

Unfortunately, there is no official release date of Gen 3, but I can say that something is ‘cooking in the kitchen,’ and we are going to get it the following weeks.

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