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PUBG Opens Test Servers Without Vaulting and Climbing Feature

Bluehole has opened their Public Test servers for all the PUBG Fans without satisfying their expectation. Everyone was eager to try out the new Vaulting and Climbing feature, sadly, not today. Recently, PUBG has been experiencing lots of hackers. Speedhacks, Aimbots, and lots of different types of hacks appeared online. Therefore, this update is fully dedicated to those who tend to hack in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Wait, what? No Climbing, No Vaulting?

Exactly what you’ve just heard. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Early Access somehow turns to be a nightmare. Now, Bluehole is testing their new BattlEye features for a better anti-cheat detection. Does that mean that players should go into the test client with an injected hack? Probably so. I do not understand how are they going to test the new anti-cheat measures when there are no hackers around. They probably want to just see if the servers’ resources will remain stable after the enhanced anti-cheat system.

However, it feels like it’s not a smart move from Bluehole at all. Those who expected the climbing and vaulting feature will be disappointed for sure. Not because of its ignorance on the PTS, but because knowing that it will come a lot later than what Bluehole has promised. I do not know, but it seems like things really turned into a Nightmare for Bluehole and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds community.



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